The art of giving props

Here is a list of the occasions when giving props is not appropriate at the G gym:

  • In the washroom, doing your business. 

Otherwise, give props. Always. When saying hello, or goodbye, or at the start of a sentence, or after completing the first of many drills, and after each subsequent one. Always give props – don’t be rude, now! 

Here is a list of the occasions when giving props is appropriate in the accounting world: 

  • Never. 

Introducing props to accountants

I was at a 5à7 yesterday, with some of my acco friends. And without thinking, after one of them made a joke, I attempted to give him props.

He stared at my extended fist, and with a blank stared, asked me “mais c’est quoi ça?”

Which, in turn, caused me to stare blankly at him, and (my fist still extended in mid-air) reply “Dude!! I’m giving you props! That was funny!” (Looking back, I realize I missed out on a golden opportunity to use the word “Bro”, instead of the passé “Dude”. Such a shame!)

I am not sure how much longer the stare-down contest would have lasted had it not been for a second accountant in the group who suddenly waved her hands and exclaimed “oh, I know, I know what to do!! You gotta bump fists and then you make a wooooosh sound as you pull back your hand.”

And to my dismay, the bunch of accountants started practicing wooooshing props around me.

It was ratchet, yo!




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