Life as a city girl: Difficulties assessing fauna

I am a die-hard city girl. I think concrete is a staple of civilization.

One damp fall day, sometime after my 25th birthday, my family brought me apple-picking. On a farm. Did you know that farms had endless supplies of mud? Never saw that one coming.

We embarked in a wagon, which brought us through the farm-land, closer to the realm of apples. We drove past pumpkin patches and various animals, making animal sounds.

And then we chanced upon a large, very loud animal, making braying sounds.

Amazed, I turned to my family, and said (and this is verbatim!) : “Oh wow, I didn’t know goats were that large?! That’s incredible!”

Turns out, it was a donkey.

I have not been apple-picking since: I haven’t worked up the courage to apologize to the donkey.





  1. We need to go apple picking again this year! Mind you, there was something up with the animals there, because I saw pigs the size of ponies and said donkey who was clearly way too excited to see us… 😉 Hmmm….


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