My street cred: That time I got into a fight with a sidewalk

Sometimes, I have a day that is so wonderful, it just fills me up with joyfulness. Unfortunately, this happy state is one that can be very dangerous to my health, as explained below.

On a nice summer day last year, I hung out all day with a good friend. The combination of beautiful weather, laughter and friendship put me in a giddy mood. Possibly, I was suffering from heat stroke.

Walking home, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to start skipping on the sidewalk; after all, one of my favorite songs is Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina & the Waves. It is worth noting that:

  • I was wearing (cute) sneakers; skipping-appropriate footwear
  • The sidewalk was a flat surface

I tripped, and face-planted. I skinned my knees and elbows, had a bruise the size of a small country on my right hip, and I badly sprained one of my fingers.

For months afterwards, when telling this story, I thought the hilarious part was that I tripped on a flat surface. It is only 6 months later that it was pointed out to me that the truly hilarious part is that I spontaneously broke out into skipping. In public.

And that is how I learned, at the age of 29, that skipping is not normal adult behaviour.


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