The concept of moderation

Yesterday, I participated in a historic moment. Yes, yes, it’s quite true.

I attended the assembly of (allegedly) the world’s largest free-trade brownie, at McGill University. 4400 lbs, and large enough to feed 20 000 people, which is bigger than the population of the suburb I grew up in.

It was delicious.



As I stood in the very thick crowd, along with a few similarly social-activistic coworkers (none of us were there due to greed or appetite or curiosity. No way!! We were there to support the fair trade fair, all the way!) in an airless tent, with sweat rolling down my back, and mild feelings of claustrophobia, it occurred to me that perhaps, just maybe, the situation was slightly absurd.

Not unlike the time, in grade 3, when I was at a birthday party, and somehow the other kids and I decided that we shouldn’t merely eat the donuts that were available for us party-animals: no, we should have a competition to see which one of us could eat the MOST donuts.

I won.

I ate 11. ELEVEN DONUTS. Not timbits. Nope! Donuts.

And that is how, at the ripe old age of 8 years old, I learned wisdom: just because something is impressive does not mean it is a good idea.







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