I do so love being called a racist. Turns me on!

In case I haven’t made it clear that online dating is a hazardous activity, let me share with you an interaction from this morning:


For those of you who do not speak French, here is a quick translation:
@9:10am: “Hello”
@9:15am: “Answer please, just chat, nothing more. I can be interesting, one never knows.”
@9:30am: “You don’t like talking to black people. I must be bothering you”

Apart from the obvious irony that I am prone to flirt/chat/date guys who are not white-Caucasians (as described here and here), something which I’ve decided to not share with the above Prince Charming, I am having trouble moving past this little incident.

This is why I hate online dating – it is an unwritten contract that by subscribing to these apps as a girl, I am agreeing to have all kinds of insults, ranging from rude sexual propositions to accusations of racism, thrown at me, JUST BECAUSE I WASN’T FLATTERED BY BEING ADDRESSED BY THESE GUYS.

I can’t even explain how mad this makes me.




  1. It is very difficult, when in the online dating world, not to conclude that all men are for sh#t, had the non-virtual world world not already led one to that conclusion.

    Then, I remind my misanthropic self that it is not just men.


  2. What strikes me is it took the guy 20 minutes from his first message to the last to go from “hey, let me try messaging this girl” to “she didn’t respond immediately to me! She must be a racist and I must call her out on this fact.”


  3. Especially at 9 am in the morning. Not like you might be at work, in transit, or busy. Unless this was on the weekend which in that case you could be sleeping in.

    You’re better off as it seems to imply the guy expects everyone to share his schedule.


  4. The crazy part is, enough people probably do respond to this kind of *#¥! that he’ll keep doing it. Because when you’re insane, any reply is better than no reply. Sigh.

    You dodged a bullet/red flag here!

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