My street cred: involuntary arson at a fundraiser

I got invited to a sweet fundraiser last night: “Rock’n’bulles” to raise money for an emerging contemporary dance group. The theme of rock’n’roll and unlimited bubbly was pretty sweet. Guests really got into the mood, disguised in outlandish outfits, and fantastic wigs.


There were various activities during the night, including a station for arm wrestling. Being of a mildly competitive nature, I proceeded to arm-wrestle 3 times: twice with my right arm, and once with my left.


I only won once. This morning, I realized I’d pulled my bicep in my right arm. Too much exercise for one night! However, I comfort myself that I sustained injury for the sake of Art.

The crime

The venue was a cabaret: there was with a stage and several high tables decorated with tealight candles were sprinkled throughout the room. As I sipped a reasonable number of flutes of bubbly, I picked up one of the programs for the night, to check out the schedule – I needed to pace myself if I wanted to compete in the air guitar contest later on in the event. Suddenly, a seemingly impromptu dance performance broke out by the dance troupe, and I discarded the program I was holding, to watch the dancers rock out in an organized haphazard way.

A minute later I was jostled by a stranger – a cute stranger. Standing up a bit straighter, I turned to him with a smile, which immediately faded as I observed him blowing out a smoking program: my program that I had discarded… on top of the tealights. Horrified, I looked on, and he grinned at me and said he’d smelled burning and walked over to investigate.


Too embarrassed to continue the convo, I grabbed my glass of bubbly and disappeared into the crowd, trying to look nonchalant and stone sober.

Quitting when ahead

Towards the end of the night, there was a draw prize. I listened impatiently as a couple of tickets were drawn without any claimants – I wanted the draw to be over with so I could win the air guitar competition!

To pass the time, I hunted through my purse and found my ticket… right as my number was called! Delighted, I climbed on stage and accepted season tickets to the dance troupe’s performances, a bottle of vodka, and an artisanal necklace. I opted to not share the fact that I’d almost sent the place up in flames for fear my gracious hosts would strip me of my winnings.

I also forfeited my spot in the air guitar competition. There is such a thing, after all, as pushing one’s luck a bit too far!



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