I didn’t understand how to properly Vegas: Shmoney dance

So y’all know about the Shmoney dance, obviously. Obviously.

Well, folks, after months of practice, I was pretty proud of my Shmoney skillz. With a z, y’all. Because I have street cred, bruh.

So when the DJ played songs with some sick beats at the Vegas pool party, I busted out my moves.

Let me share my hard-earned wisdom: IT IS REALLY HARD TO DANCE PROVOCATIVELY IN A POOL. “White girl drowning” is not a good look.

Even Elmo has more game than me.





    1. Old because of the pool parties or because of the Shmoney dance?

      I didn’t know about it either. Nene from the gym makes it his business to keep me in the loop. And laugh at me when he sees how hard it is for me to stay in the loop.


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