Nope, still annoyed

Y’all remember my rant about gender bias in the online dating world, and how my biggest pet peeve is the comments and speculations made about my presumed anger management and violence issues, arising from the fact that I am an amateur boxer? It generated a lot of feedback, not least from my plethora of fighting friends. Unsurprisingly, several people told me I overreacted and needed to take a chill pill. Chief amongst those was my Coach (accurately described here and here): he suspects that I have a double-standard, and what annoys me in someone I don’t find attractive is something I’d tolerate in someone I find lustworthy. Fair concept, and I’ll admit that I do tend to give 2nd and 3rd chances to hotties-with-the-bodies; but to my credit, I am remarkably consistent in my ability to get annoyed.

No matter how drool-worthy the guy, this shit pisses me off. 


It turns out common sense and good manners get me much more hot and bothered than a pretty face.




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