What is the stage beyond cat-lady?

3 weeks before my 31st birthday, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve entirely skipped the cat-lady stage and gone straight to the senile stage. 

I don’t have cats. I have stuffed animals. At work.

Introducing Alphonse the accountant.  

It’s his first month-end.

Such a diligent hard-worker.

I’m obsessed.



  1. So long as you don’t begin having conversations with Alphonse which involve him advocating killing coworkers or clients. Particularly if he presents and articulates an elaborate cost-benefit analysis and business case. 😉

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      1. It isn’t voluntary. My boxing coach made me take “before” pics (sports bra and shorts), to track my progress as I start a new training regimen.

        Seeing those pics made my eyes bleed and then I cried.

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