If it is good enough for Arnold, it is good enough for me

I chopped off all my hair on Saturday. (That sounds impressive, except my hair was already shortish – around chin or ear length.) I was aiming for an Anne Hathaway variation, adjusted for the fact that I have 63% less hair than her – she has SO MUCH hair.

My hairdresser did a good job, and I thought I looked fabulous.

On Monday, I expected a small brouhaha from my coworkers about my hairdo. Nobody mentioned it. Not one person. Silence. Crickets. Of course, that could only mean one thing – they thought my hairdo was hideous, 63% less awesome than Anne H’s mop-do. Dejected, I dragged myself to the gym after work, only to be met by Nene, who immediately noticed my hair, and commented, “You cut your hair! Looks good!” What a good man, that Nene.

“It looks like the hair of that actress, what’s-her-name, in that movie, you know which one I am talking about?” Ummm, no, Nene, you’ll have to be more specific.

“That actress, in the movie with Arnold.” Still lost, but at least Nene didn’t think I’d modeled my hair after Schwarzenegger himself, that’s a plus.

“Jamie Lee Curtis! That’s her name – In True Lies.” Nene, did you just say I look like a 40 year-old actress in a 90s action movie? Walk away, Nene, walk away.


No. That is NOT what my hair looks like.

But Nene gets full points for noticing I’d done anything with my hair at all. Despite being completely wrong about my source of inspiration, or even the supposed resemblance, Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome, and True Lies is one of my all time favorite movies. So, I’ll take it.




  1. No pictures? 😉 I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair too….but I’d have to get a couple feet cut off for the Anne H. look! That style probably wouldn’t be flattering on me anyway….So I’m considering mid-back….maybe. Have a lovely day!

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