I don’t handle diets well

I’ve decided to clean up my diet and shed the 10lbs that I put on over the past year. Basically, I want to get back to where I was at my 30th birthday, so that I can convincingly state this year that I am celebrating my 30th birthday a second time, without people comparing pictures from the 2 celebrations and catching on to my little ploy.

Fueling my motivation to shed 10 is my desire to once again step into the ring and fight this fall, and those 10lbs have most definitely been holding me back when I spar. They gotta go! To make matters worse (better?), my coach requested that I take “before” pictures in a sports bra & shorts last week, to track my progress as I begin a new weightlifting and conditioning program. I resisted that idea for several days – claiming all kinds of excuses from my inability to take selfies (true) to my phone died (convenient). Coach insisted and I gave in to his request, and when I saw those pics my eyes bled, my soul was bruised and I cried. That is when I realized that shedding 10 was my priority for the summer.

Of course, I handled that realization with maturity, and grace.

After getting a mani/pedi, a most excellent way to pamper a bruised soul, I decided I was allowed one last blow-out cheat meal, before embarking on the cleanest of clean diets. I treated myself to, amongst many things, chicken wings and cheese and wine. The chicken wings were deliciously greasy, and I was very hungry, and I took a big bite, and somehow my greasy fingers slipped and I ended up biting my finger and wrecking my beautiful manicure.

 Notice the teeth marks on my middle finger.

Wrecking a 2-hour old manicure through cannibalism is most definitely a sign that a recalibration of my diet is in order.

Sigh. Life is very hard.



      1. I stand by the fact that he is being unnecessarily cruel in making you take pics. Ugh. NOPE.


  1. I had my moment recently in a dressing room (home of the most unflattering-all-angle-view mirrors anywhere). I have steadily gained since I quit smoking a few years ago. Exercise is not the problem…the eating is the problem. You sound like you have hit your determination point, so I’m sure you will accomplish your goal!

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  2. When I turned 29, I wrote on my facebook I was 29 for the next 5 ears or until I can’t lie about it anymore with a straight face. That lasted about two minutes after my 30th birthday. 🙂

    A lot of exercise programs seem to emphasize taking a before (and after) picture. When I first started P90x, it was suggested and encouraged to be put up on their site. I didn’t do it because ultimately it was something I was doing for myself and not for others. Good luck on the diet (and avoiding eating your own fingers)!


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