New blog series: Tinderpersonations

Introducing y’all to my newest blog series, Tinderpersonations – where my guy friends impersonate me on Tinder (a glamorous description of them hijacking my phone, and pretending to be me on my profile).

Most of my guy friends are in relationships or recently engaged. With enraging glibness they wonder why it is so hard for me to find myself a good guy, surely I must be doing something wrong. The fact that all of my guy friends lived through years’ long disastrous dating dry spells is something they all have conveniently forgotten. It satisfies me, therefore, to watch them confidently take my phone (“Watch the Master at work, don’t worry, I’ll get you a date in no time“) only to shortly thereafter bemoan the male species (“Why are there so many losers? Why so many jackasses taking selfies? Why don’t these guys dress to look good? Is your Tinder blocking all the normal good-looking dudes? What is up with that weird pose? WHO THOUGHT THAT PIC WAS A GOOD IDEA?!“).

It is especially satisfying to watch them attempt a conversation with any of my Tinder matches. 


As my friend naively remarked, “It’s like he isn’t even paying attention to what you are writing!!

Welcome to Tinder, my friends.



  1. YASSSS! Being married, and having been with my husband since before the era of awkward internet dating got its foothold (Since 2001), I LOVE the horrific train wreck that is Tinder. It is endlessly entertaining to me, and I would legit start a fake account JUST to screw with the men on it if it weren’t required that I have a FB account (which I don’t have) but I am seriously considering starting a fake FB, and then a fake Tinder so I can SCHOOL some of these boys in how to treat a lady. I know that my hubby and I could get a lot of laughs from it. I look forward to hearing all about the misadventures of your male friends using your Tinder account!

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      1. Well, while your friends might have good intentions, they don’t necessarily know what is right for you. Only you can truly ascertain that.

        Also, consider the conversation your friend might have with a potential suitor is not necessarily how you would respond. Thus, should you meet the person face to face, they might be taken aback or under the impression you aren’t the same person you were over text. I recall reading the time you were in a situation with a guy using different photos (if memory serves, it was his brother-in-law). Isn’t this but a lesser form of that? I know the case you were subjected to was one of physical appearance and you aren’t pretending you don’t look like someone else. But from an emotional or personality perspective, is it not the same thing?

        Next point is, what if a guy you like later finds out what happened?


      2. I think you misunderstood the intent – I do not intend on meeting any of these guys that get targeted, for lack of a better word, by my friends. On the rare occasion that a conversation will show promise, I wouldn’t allow my friends to continue impersonating me for the very reasons you mention above. But for everyone else – who cares? I feel no remorse in mocking the guys who clearly feel no remorse in objectifying the girls they talk to on Tinder. Like Rapini dude.


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