I Have Not Actively Worked. I Have Sat Quietly.

I have had several conversations with my (white) Anglo and French Canadian friends, who have told me that racism isn’t an issue here. While I am thankfully aware that racism in the Great White North is nowhere as virulent and violent as that in the States, I think it is naive to believe that racism isn’t present or harmful here. At the very least, living in Quebec, the concept of racism should be one everyone is familiar with: half of our political rhetoric is based on intolerance – Anglophones against Francophones (primarily white), with the occasional show of unity as both groups face off against our significant immigrant population.

I think the ONLY way forward is if every person is accountable for their small actions of racist/intolerant complicity. Even here, in our relatively peaceful, relatively tolerant country.


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In times like this, white people are quick to throw their hands up and dissociate themselves from racism and the person accused of the racist act. But how many of them can say they have actively worked to challenge the racism in the people around them? How many folks have sat quietly as Uncle Jimbo tells the story of the time he put that one nigger in his place at work?       ~~ Jamilah Lemieux, Ebony Magazine

Within minutes of seeing it, I send a message to his mother, my cousin. Have you seen your son’s new tattoo?

There is a flag. There is a noose. There are the words Southern Justice scrolled across.

 I’ve seen it, she says. But he just turned 18. He’s an adult. What am I supposed to do? I want to scream, You are supposed to act like his fucking mother! and You’re…

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