Sweet Lord Jesus

Dynamo’s wedding was at a supper-club near my G gym. The neighborhood is an interesting one: part of a touristy area of Montreal, while still being quite ghetto and rough. I was mugged there once, and there are numerous strip joints and rumored mafia money-laundering stores in the ‘hood. (I swear the wedding venue was lovely – rooftop terrace, sunshine in the afternoon and twilight and amazing view at night).

I arrived with Brown Socks and his fiancée. Brown Socks parked in front of my favorite strip club (due to my frequency in that area, I’ve ranked the strip clubs, based on the attractiveness of their entrances and the friendliness of the girls I see enter the premises). As I exited the car, a man was walking by, spotted me and hollered: 


Can I get an Amen?




    1. The moment itself was pretty over-the-top. My friend Brown Socks was so confused – 31 years as a man living in Montreal, and he’d never witnessed anything like it.

      I’m not a fan of cat-calling… but if it has to happen, might as well be really amusing and original!

      (also, my dress really was fabulous!)

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      1. Whichever you prefer/are comfortable with! (I’m suddenly worried I’m like one of those creepy weirdos who asks for pics ahhhhhhh I’m not trying to be!)


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