What to Say When Your Daughter Wants To Grow Up To Be Ronda Rousey

My girl crush on Ronda Rousey knows no limits. While I admire her spectacular athleticism, it is her attitude that really impresses me: she refuses to be anything less than truly herself. In a man’s world, a woman’s world, in Ronda’s world. The world adapts to her.

That is integrity and self-respect! When Coach tells me to be an Amazon and to own my spot in the world, I think of Ronda and how she does so, and I am inspired to be unapologetically at my best.

Other than Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook, and author of Lean In -if you haven’t watched her Ted Talk about Women Leaders, do so. Now.) Ronda Rousey is the best female role model I’ve seen in recent years.

Don’t be a #DNB



  1. I’ve really come around on Rousey. I first started watching her in Strikeforce and knew from her first fight she was a special kind of athlete. She engaged in some questionable behaviour, though, particularly the manufactured slights and insults she felt Misha Tate was employing. At some points Rousey becomes hysterical over the smallest transgression. It doth maketh my eyes roll. But I have also seen Rousey mature and grow and become an ideal professional athlete. Poised, composed, witty, and thoughtful. And she is the baddest bitch on the planet by far. The concern I have is that the gulf between her and every other fighter in her division is massive. She may as well be fighting children. This could lead to complacency among the fan base but time will tell. She really does need to fight Cyborg.

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    1. Agreed, her growth as an athlete is limited by the inability of her competition to challenge her.

      But I’m more impressed with her personality and maturity and how she is a successful feminist. She dishes out very valuable insight on how to approach life, in and out of the ring. And I love how she is spinning the public perception of women in combat sports on its head. Goooooo Ronda!

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      1. Yes. That is fantastic. The Sports Illistrated article really highlighted her insights and maturity. Her struggles with finding a healthy relationship were even a bit heartbreaking and put me even more in her corner. And she is stunningly beautiful.

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