When your 23yr old cousin gives you marriage advice

My recently married 23yr old cousin‘s Facebook status:  


(I commented in blue.)

Y’all, just in case you were wondering: I AM STILL INTERESTED IN FINDING ME A MALE HUMAN.

I apparently need to specify that with alarming frequency.





      1. It is definitely starting to be well known.

        Coach yesterday was waxing lyrical about various training maxims, and I asked him to repeat myself (I was taking down his more amusing quotes).

        He stared at me suspiciously: “You WILL give the appropriate context for some of these quotes, right? I don’t want people thinking I am a joke coach. What I do is legit.”

        Even after I promised, he still glared at me suspiciously.

        WHAT. Can’t a girl record ppl/take screenshots without being questioned about her intent?

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  1. Love it when the comment thread is as funny as the original post. You two crack me up. Though I’m definitely starting to suffer the same problems… I suspect it’ll only get worse now I’m no longer incognito. x

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      1. Funny you should say that – One of my best friends (the girl in the pharmageddon one) is desperate to be in it again. She said it’s like being a character in a book! x

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