Tinderpersonations: Interglutteal clefts and starfish

Mes amis! I’m delighted to bring you the 2nd installment of my blog series Tinderpersonations, where my guy friends impersonate me on Tinder. This edition is brought to you by Dynamo.

Dynamo saw the profile pic below (the back view of a naked dude), and despite my protests that I did NOT want to be matched with a sexual deviant, swiped right. Insta-match. My Vanilla reputation precedes me, apparently. Dynamo immediately sent the first 2 messages in blue, below.

The remainder of the exchange is me, all me. Now that’s an example of solid team-work, right there.


Presto! My afternoon entertainment. It’s the simple things in life that make all the difference.

 As a belated one-year anniversary present to my blog, I’ve created a Facebook page for this blog, in a desire to grow readership through the mysterious world of social networking. Please follow me!

P.S. I don’t actually know what I am doing with this Facebook blog page. So if y’all have any advice of what to do or not do, please PLEASE pass it along!!



  1. Oh, Holy shit am I ever glad to not have to deal with online dating. I know a lot of good can come out of it (quite a few people I know have met their spouses online), but there seems to be way more creeps on there than winners. I think that if Dynamo initiates stuff with creeps he should be made to follow through on them. The next exhibitionist is all his!

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      1. Valid points, I’m going to classify this as playful manipulation and seems like an entertaining time. I’d be curious to see if you guy’s could get one of these Tinderellas to actually go out. God bless the Internet.

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  2. Tinder must be so exciting and weird and confusing. I’m so glad/sad that I probably will never get to use it. By the way, I tried a few ways on Facebook to promote and some worked and some didn’t. But at least I tried a few things.


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