Skunks, raccoons and poodles and a weather update

Brown Socks kindly sent me several pictures of the grey rainy weather today, in case I hadn’t noticed that it was raining. He is quite proud of his statistical analysis (described here) which allowed him to determine several months ago that today, Sept 12, was not the right day to get married. 


Moving on to the main point of this post:

At supper yesterday, chez my darling P-dot’s home, I took this picture of D-man and P-dot’s 10yr-old poodle. 

They look cute, don’t they? But what y’all don’t realize is that that dog was fulfilling an extremely important role: watch-dog.

Perhaps you are surprised. There really is no reason to be.

  • D-man is an accountant
  • D-man is a city-boy and is unused to the suburbs (never mind the fact P-dot does not in fact live in a suburb. She has a backyard. Close enough).

We were hanging out in P-dot’s backyard when D-man thought he saw a skunk. This made him very nervous. He did not want to get sprayed: he felt that would ruin the enjoyment of his evening. P-dot tried to reassure him that she’s never had a skunk in her backyard, that it was probably some other small animal. (P-dot is a very laid-back person. Live and let live, even skunks.)

D-man’s nerves settled long enough to establish there was no nearby stench smell,  effectively validating P-dot’s assertion that the animal was not a skunk. The question then became: WHAT WAS THAT ANIMAL. By process of elimination, logic and beer, we determined it might be a raccoon (or a hedgehog, or a cat). D-man was not significantly reassured. Raccoons have rabies. He did not want rabies.

And that is when he grabbed P-dot’s old poodle, and designated her as his personal watch-dog.




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