When eavesdropping pays off

Overheard while trick-or-treating with P-dot‘s 2 children:

A tall attractive man in his late 30s, dressed in a pouffy strawberry costume, with a British accent, talking to his friend, a mom with children, who was dressed as a sad clown.

Well, I asked if she was seeing anyone seriously and her response was noncommittal, so I took her out. It was a beautiful day, and a lovely picnic. I fed her homemade apple crumble! But when she found out I liked Justin Bieber, she lost all interest. I was quite disappointed.

When his friend the sad clown asked if perhaps the girl had interpreted his appreciation of Bieber as an indication of sexual orientation, Strawberry responded, outraged,

Of course not! Nobody can assume I am gay, just because I like Justin Bieber. Justin Beiber’s last track is quite excellent, you know. It produced by Skrillex. Excellent, just excellent. Undoubtedly.

Best Halloween eavesdropping ever.



  1. lol that’s amazing! Poor guy though, that’s a lame reason to dump someone. I guess that girl has never heard of headphones. We have several pairs in our house and they are vital because my Darling loves listening to music he enjoys over and over again and I have a crazy memory for music and know the stuff by heart in no time. In order to avoid my hiding his favorite CDs so I no longer have to put up with his loops: earphones. No dumping necessary!

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