I’m a sucker for a pretty face

Introducing Charles-Henry – he was a gift from my colleagues at my previous job.

He, like Alphonse, is a hard-working accountant.

He believes in a balanced diet.

Charles-Henry is my bae. He completes me, and makes me a better person.

Where I realize I am superficial, and a pretty face gets me every time

My coworker brought her angelic 2yr-old daughter to work today. All through the day we heard the occasional pitter-patter of little feet and high-pitched giggles. Adorable.

Little Angel ran up to my desk to say hi. I saw her eyeing Charles-Henry. So I asked Little Angel if she would like to play with Charles-Henry this afternoon. She nodded. As her arms were reaching out to Charles-Henry, I made sure to ask her, “You will bring him back, yes? He would be sad if he didn’t say goodnight to me.” Nodding, she snatched him from my hands and ran off.

I smiled. So cute.

My smile faltered a few minutes later, as she skipped past my desk, with Charles-Henry firmly snuggled in her arms. He looked so happy there, like he belonged.

My smile disappeared altogether when another coworker smirked at me, “That was kind of you, giving Little Angel your teddy-dog.” NO. It was a LOAN, not a GIFT. EVERY 2-year-old knows the difference, right?

It’s been an hour.

I think Charles-Henry has fidelity issues.

I’m suffering from separation anxiety.



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