Forgiveness is hard

For part 1 (the betrayal) click here. 

Charles-Henry came back to me this morning. He was very sorry, and promised to never spend a night away from me again.

I told him: faithfulness is a must in any long-term relationship with me. I need a foundation of trust. If he wants to explore greener pastures, he can, but he needs to make up his mind now, before I become too emotionally attached.


Y’all, I took him back.

I’m a sucker for a pretty face. 






  1. It’s those big eyes. How could anyone send him packing?
    I have a cavalier x Border Cllie with huge eyes like that and after she’s helped herself to yet another one of my snacks, I can’t resist her big eyes either.
    It’s definitely not your fault. xx Rowena

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