First red flag

During the holidays Beaut called me up to propose a great idea. He was sure I’d be down.

Why not go running outdoors together?

I didn’t understand. Voluntarily?

Yes, for fun. We both want to stay in shape during the holidays, as we eat non-ideal food. It’s a great way to combine our training objectives with seeing each other.


I was dismayed: all this time, I thought Beaut was a stand up, normal guy. Now, I realize he has a taste for pain and discomfort. #unusualtastes

NOBODY runs for fun. Nobody I wanna hang out with, anyhow.


What else is he hiding?





  1. I spent six months running behind a PT instructor who used to use our workouts as training for his sick little hobby of running marathons. Since then, running has been the bane of my existence, and people who do it willingly are not to be trusted.

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    1. You run UNTIL you like it? That sounds awful.

      You don’t eat ice cream UNTIL you like it. You eat it because you love it.

      You don’t drink wine UNTIL you like it. You drink it because it is yummy and produces happiness.

      You don’t eat brocoli UNTIL you like it. You just don’t ever eat it.

      Same thing with running.

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      1. Mmm…broccoli…
        i suffer because I am no longer permitted to eat it. (I cheat occasionally.)
        Someone fed you disgusting, mushy, nasty, overcooked broccoli, which tastes like soap, on more than occasion when you were a child. I’m so sorry.

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  2. I despised running. I despised it so much I kept doing it until I didn’t despise it any more.
    Then stupid lupus stopped me, and I missed it.
    Now, stupid body parts breaking would stop me.
    Since I can’t do it any more, running is a dumb sport.
    You should drop this guy.

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