That time I saved a plane from crashing

Y’all!! Dynamo and his lovely wife are getting married (a 2nd time) in Beirut, in March – the ceremony for the extended families, done in true Arab extravagant style. AND I AM GOING.


I bought my dress last week: a fabulous gown. Sleek! Sexy! Elegant!

I bought my plane ticket yesterday. (Notice the priorities. Obviously. No dress? No trip.) Dynamo predicted that my seat would be all the way at the back of the plane, next to the washrooms and a guy who snores. I predicted I would get a free upgrade to business class. Dynamo laughed at me. But he is wrong. It’s happened to me before. No, really! I got bumped to first class on a flight to Chicago because, as the flight attendant so kindly phrased it, they “needed to redistribute the weight on the plane“. Work on your phrasing, bro.

Here’s to hoping that I can do my bit to avoid uneven weight distribution on the flight to Beirut. I’m selfless that way. I’ll accept any upgrade required of me.

Did I mention I am hyper?





  1. lol Happy Trails! And I hope you do get an upgrade, because that is one long heck of a long flight to spend in economy! I, personally, always select my seats in advance when I travel because I am very unhappy if I cannot be in a window seat, especially when travelling alone!

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    1. Thanks!!! I’m so excited.

      I’m on the same flight as Dynamo, going to Beirut. We haven’t decided if we should try get seats next to each other… For fear of spending the whole trip bickering. 🙂


  2. I’ve been upgraded to first class twice. I think airlines are very sympathetic to businesswomen traveling alone, and if you dress very well, it counts.

    Don’t be careful at all–how could you be, anyway? It’s a wedding! It’s a party! It’s a trip to a new country! Enjoy yourself!

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