Guest Post #2: “Accepting Limits”

My first feature as a guest blogger. Lucky Otter’s blog is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding about various mental health issues, and she kindly allowed me to share some of my experiences.

In the post below, I describe my journey to learn balance between my ambition and the very real limits imposed by my ADD and depression.
It’s not easy.

Lucky Otters Haven


Here is my second guest post, “Accepting Limits,” written by BoxingandBallet, who has a blog about living with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and depression, Discovering Ratchet. Boxing is an accountant, and she has a deep love of both boxing and ballet, an interesting juxtaposition! She is also a great writer.

From her About page:

I am an accountant. It is surprising how big a part of my identity revolves around this fact. Many of the stereotypes associated to accountants apply to me:

–a bit nerdy (I really do love Excel)
–I look great in black, grey and navy.

But like most people, there is more than meets the eye. I have a deep love for ballet, and will try convince you it is gangsta. I enjoy boxing. The incongruity of my accountant (“vanilla”, so I have been told) lifestyle with my boxing interest is the source…

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