I’m funny: intentionally and accidentally

Exhibit A: I am intentionally funny

In all the hysteria leading up to my least favorite celebration day, Valentine’s day, the following pic was posted on Facebook.


Lots of people tagged each other in the comments section, as is usual for that kind of silly meme. A random girl (a complete stranger to me) tagged her boyfriend. Below is what happens when Bballer (in blue) and I (in purple) start giving helpful advice to this unsuspecting couple.

Nutella comments




Exhibit B: I am accidentally funny

This conversation happened with my friend DP, who thought it was so hilarious, he sent a screen shot of it to all of our mutual friends, including Coach.


Turns out, if you google “Chivas”, instead of urban dictionarying it, the first thing to pop up is Chivas Regal… which is a Scotch Whiskey. Not heroin.





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