When Google is not helpful

Guys – humans of the male gender – this post is not for you.

To make a very long story short, I got a copper IUD installed this month.


When the internet and the doctor (equally reliable sources, obvi) say that an IUD might cause “heavier flow and cramping” in the first few months, possibly forever, THEY DIDN’T WARN ME ENOUGH.

Day 12. TWELVE days of bleeding, and no sign of stopping. Bright red. Endless quantities. I didn’t know I had that much blood in my body. I will be anemic in the near future. I also understand why IUD’s have such a high rate of effectiveness: it is impossible to have sex when you are internally hemorrhaging, and your ovaries are trying to exit your body by beating their way through your pelvic wall.

Of COURSE, I did what any normal person would do, and I googled “first period after copper IUD” and now I am completely hysterical. I’m so freaked out and upset, I haven’t eaten chocolate in 48 hours. I don’t have the appetite for it.

I am never going to have sex again, because I will bleed out and die. The internet says so (no joke, one of the first hits to that google search is an article for Elle.com titled “Is my IUD killing me?“), therefore it must be true. According to this thread on reddit.com, I basically should just draft my will, because any day now, I will drown in a pool of my own blood.

The internet never lies.

I want to weep.

Current mood – and if you think this is too far, and too gross, SO DO I. SPEAK TO MY UTERUS.




  1. Okay, I read this when it dropped into my e-mail box and had to come in and reply right away because I have had so many uterine issues I could write a book. First of all: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN IUD or any other type of contraception aside from a condom and knowing your cycle inside out. I know, because I have been going on nothing but those two things for over six years and have no Mini Me’s running around coloring on my walls. I know I sound really antiquated, but I seriously have no other contraceptive choice but the old fashioned way. I tried taking the pill once and ended up in the emergency room after having an allergic reaction to it (worst panic attack I have EVER had I was convinced I was having a heart attack) and that was just the beginning of my problems. About a year after getting off the pill, I started bleeding more heavily during my periods and by the time I found an OB, I had a fibroid the size of a tennis ball (at the ripe old age of 27) caused by the hormonal imbalance I had exacerbated by taking the pill. By the time I had the fibroid removed, it was the size of a large grapefruit. So, hormone laced contraception of any kind? Not for me, since I am apparently hugely allergic to it and I wouldn’t touch an IUD with a ten-foot pole since my uterus has already had its fair share of troubles. But don’t worry, you are not going to bleed to death from your IUD. I spent the whole time I had that fibroid bleeding extremely heavily from week-long periods. Eat more iron rich food and you will be fine until you have that thing removed, which I would do ASAP. Bleeding heavily and horrible cramps when you don’t normally have them are something you seriously do not need to put up with, no woman should. Condoms are plenty, especially once you get to know your cycle like it’s your best friend. There is an app for that, or several actually. They are discreet and highly effective, I have one and it charts my cycles with pretty darn good accuracy. My best friend is allergic to synthetic hormones as well and also tried a copper IUD and had the same issues as you and the only thing that made them stop was to have the device removed.


  2. OK so I had an IUD for about 9 months and had it taken out, because the cramping etc were not worth it. Granted, they weren’t always unbearable, but I just didn’t like it. I went back on the Nuva Ring, which isn’t my fave, but is the best for me that I’ve found so far. Don’t be afraid to take it out! It’s not for everyone. That said, I hope you feel better soon whether you keep it in or not!

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    1. I was on NuvaRing with the ex, after spending TWO years trying every type of pill I could find, and reacting badly to them. NuvaRing seemed like the best thing at the time.

      Recently, when I tried it again, my body freaked out. Most worrisome to me were the instantaneous mood swings, and the high risk of depression. I’ve worked too hard to overcome my depression and deal with my anxiety to voluntarily risk another depressive episode.

      So… that leaves me with non-hormonal contraception. Of which there are very few alternatives.

      I’m hoping I am overreacting and it will settle down in a few months. But I’m finding this perpetual Red Sea hard to handle.

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      1. Ughhhhh I’m so sorry, I totally hear you. Yes, let’s hope this is just a temporary side effect situation. If not, we’ll find something else! Let’s not give up hope! ❀

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    1. See, I don’t know anyone who has ever installed an IUD, hormonal or copper. I read up on it, but I didn’t google the scary stuff – i was trying to remain unbiased and rational.

      I dont want to jinx it, but today is the first day (in 12 days) where the cramps are bearable. Maybe there is an end in sight?

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      1. For the cramps, you can try taking Evening Primrose oil as a natural anti-inflammatory. I have horrible cramps almost every month and the only thing that has helped my prescription meds work better has been 2000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil a day and bumping it up more just before and during my period. That and shiatsu massages every two weeks. Also for cramps, caffeine can make them way worse. Like I said, I could write a book unfortunately 😦 I hope you feel better soon, women should totally not have to suffer like this, it’s horrible. I actually told my boyfriend, after spending an entire day suffering last month, that I would get a hysterectomy if we had already had our kids just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain once a month anymore.

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  3. I have a genetic type of anemia (Beta Thalassemia minor – blood doesn’t absorb iron – good times… could be worse, at least I don’t have the worse version that is Cooley’s) and a few years ago, when stress levels kicked off my hormones, I wound up having “reverse” cycles – for about a year (or more) I was lucky if I had a week of NOT bleeding every month. It took being put on some sort of hormone therapy to break the cycle, because the anemia made the hormone imbalance worse, which made the anemia worse, which made the hormone imbalance worse – you get the idea. Make sure you talk to your doctor, and keep things in check. You may need something to keep the hormones in check while adjusting to this.

    Also – Folic Acid supplements. I can’t take the kinds of iron supplements “normal” people can – it would kill me – but have been told to take Folic Acid. Ask your doctor – maybe they can help, too. (with or without the iron.)

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