When signing up for match.com triggers an intervention











  1. Reading through this site I am wondering, why not okcupid? As a lover of okcupid (who didn’t appreciate pof and finds Tinder to be less than spectacular because most of the time the only thing you know about anyone is what they look like in their best pictures (although occasionally someone posts a link to their blog)), I end up noticing it’s lack of presence in your online dating stories. That being said, okcupid was bought by match.com, so I have no idea how different the two sites are. Also, I’m a male, and the male online dating experience is very different. For instance, I’m not pelted with pelfies I never asked for every time I log in.



    1. I did OkCupid for awhile. I found the pool small, and I while I was comfortable answering any and all Qs, some of my answers brought about unwanted attention.

      Meaning, I am Vanilla until I am not. Vanilla upon approach, once I am comfortable with someone I am not. But my answers to a lot of those Qs didn’t allow for that complexity in character.

      pelfies is my new favorite word.


      1. Hmm… yes, I can see how answers might bring about attention you don’t want. There certainly is a skill to figuring out what questions should be answered and which should be ignored (for me, it’s just not to get matches based on shit I don’t care about, I presume for women the stakes are a little higher). To try to get nuance that multiple choice questions can never achieve, I tend to fill in the, uh, text portion of every question. It’s the uh text portion because I can’t remember the actual term they use.

        However, I’m shocked that the pool on match.com, a paysite, would be larger than a free one like okcupid. People continue to astound me.




      2. Uh text portion works.

        Agreed – I’d underestimated the skillset required, and by the time I had figured it out, I was too fed up to modify my profile. So I deleted it. Tinder beckoned.

        The pool is not larger on match.com, but I was hopeful that paying would keep away the pelfies. So far, it has, but the pool remains… what it is.

        Basically, I am throwing away money, and disenchanted, but hopeful for at least 1 blog story a month.


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