Was it a date?

Building on that brunch date that turned out to be a date date (surprise!), I give you this:

I quote one of my friends, a gorgeous, smart, fierce, funny babe: “I hate guys. They all destroy me and leave me to pieces. Soon enough, there will be nothing left to break. And I pity the man that enters my life at that moment.”

Dating in your thirties: a new type of endurance MMA. Except there is no ref, there are definitely no rules, and somebody always ends up with a bloody nose.







      1. Well, if he doesn’t want the GF to find it, it’s because it wasn’t purely platonic…

        I think for both you and the gal in the video, you had what I call sounding expeditions or trial runs – I’ll go chitchat with someone and see if there’s chemistry, with no plans or intentions of anything happening at that time, and from there try and go for something more clearly a date if I feel any kind of a vibe.

        Then again, those red roses were a pretty clear sign to me.

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