Bougiest of birthday presents to myself

In a few days I will be turning 30 for the 3rd time. Clearly, a milestone anniversary, that deserves to be celebrated in style.

As luck would have it, my work is flying me to France for a 3 day conference in the countryside, 1 hour away from Paris, next week. Since the plane was already covered, I extended my trip by an extra 5 days. I’ll be in France for my bday. #fancy

  • 2.5 days in Strasbourg
  • 1.5 day in Reims (champagne country!)
  • 1.5 day in Paris

While in Paris, I’m treating myself to a good seat at the opera, to see Verdi’s Aida, because nothing says birthday bash than listening to a warbly love triangle that ends with the hero & heroine being buried alive. #mykindofdatingstory #keepingitreal #ratchetbeforeratchetwasinstyle  My goal in life is to see a ballet and an opera in all the major companies in the world. So far, I’ve only done that in NYC. Soon Paris will be checked off too, and I’ll have no choice but to explore other cultural hubs like London, Milan or St-Petersburg… #mydreamrequiresAeroplan

So yeah. I’m going to celebrate another year of not having my shit together by going all-out bougie. Hopefully this time I won’t break my nose. But it’s worth the risk. Champagne, ridiculously yummy food, sexy accents, quaint scenery… And opera. Best of all? I’ll be alone.

I think I might be getting old.






    1. Thanks! I am not gonna lie, I am SO excited. I have a thing for Europe (kinda my dream to live there), and I love travelling alone, especially when I can speak the language. It is just what the doctor ordered, to reboot my mood and kick off the new year in style.

      P.S. a little birdie told me some happy news 🙂 congrats!

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      1. Aw, thanks so much! I’m just waiting for Adam to call his mom and let her in on the news Before putting an announcement on Facebook. She was at the seaside in Poland when stuff happened and with the six hour time difference, contact is difficult! As for Europe, I totally get it, I would love to live there as well! We’re heading over to Poland on Saturday night and I’m looking forward to discovering a new European country!

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