The day I quit boxing, I will take up dancing 6 days a week

Because words aren’t enough to express my feelings.

I still feel the Universe has a twisted sense of humor, by giving me the soul of a dancer, but a body that perpetually betrays me. Writing has helped, but sometimes all it does is serve to frustrate me by imposing linguistic limits on me. How can I possibly convey sorrow that I can feel down to the tip of the wispy hairs on my arms or the lancing sensation of joy that is similar to the plaintive sound of a violin, or how those two can follow each other in quick succession along with so many other sensations. I don’t feel emotions. I am emotions, and I need a way to express them.

So instead I look at youtube videos, on repeat, put aside money to travel the world to watch ballets, and feel all angsty and confused like a teenager.

A few of my top pics, from 4 different styles of expression (a circus number, figure skating, contemporary dance and classical ballet):







  1. I agree with tarnishedsoul… You write great B&B 🙂
    I bet your body doesn’t always betray you… In fact I can just see you shadowboxing in a corner and doing a really graceful pivot 🙂 There’s a dancer *and* a boxer in that heart and body of yours. I know it. 😉

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    1. Yeah, they are both present, but my dancer is feeling neglected lately.

      And thanks – I took your comment to heart about writing anything, even the mundane, to get through this writer’s block. It helps. 😀

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