A bad case of the mondays

I got to the office, late today. Around 9:15am. It took everything out of me to drag my ass all that way. The smallest things were big obstacles. Finding two shoes from the same pair. My keys. Keeping both eyes open at the same time.

As I sat down at my desk, something seemed a little off. Shrugging, I got myself a coffee. I sipped on it (really, coffee = heaven), and then the clouds in my brain dispersed, and I saw clearly the problem.

I’d forgotten my work laptop at home.

I live 45 mins from the office.

So yeah, I am working from home today. It has it’s perks:

  • I am wearing pyjama pants
  • No one can see how much chocolate I am eating; nor can they hear me swear – SO MUCH FREEDOM!
  • I am blasting music from my sound system.

Today’s soundtrack includes my 2nd favorite rapper after Eminem: Stromae. He is Belgian, raps in French and has the ability to create amazing dance tracks. Namely:

For my English speaking readers, here are his translated lyrics:

When we say study, it means work,
When we say work, it means money,
When we say money, it means spending
When we say credit, it means debt,
When we say debt, it means bailiff,
We agree to being in deep sh*t
When we say love, it means kids,
When we say forever, it means divorce.
When we say family, we say grief, because misfortune never comes alone.
When we say crisis, we talk about the wold, famine and then third world.
When we say tiredness, we  talk about waking up still deaf from sleepless night
So we just go out to forget all our problems.
So we just dance… (X9)
So you say that it’s over because the only thing worse would be death.
When you finally think you’ll make it, there’s more and more!
Just perfect for a bad case of the Mondays.

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