I fail at feeling sorry for myself

I’m feeling slightly raw from my non-breakup with my non-boyfriend. Reasonable. It is sad.

Today, Eminem is not helping. I drifted to one of my other favorite bands, Walk Off The Earth. Listening to their playlist on loop. Not noticing that I was hitting repeat on one song in particular:

And even as I gloried in all the hyperbolic feels, letting the lyrics move me, bringing a tear or two to my eye, part of my brain was mildly concerned that this was a symptom of psychosis.

Is this a bad thing? Am I really that immature? Can I even listen to this song if I am not wearing any tighty whities? At least we have the same hair. WHAT IF THIS IS CAUSED BY ALL THE BLEACH IN MY HAIR? I must have brain damage.

Except I really like this song. Nah, Imma own my feelings. This is beauty. Art transcends Miley Cyrus. OMG I just associated art with Miley Cyrus. OMG I just said OMG. I AM BECOMING HER. Which, I suppose, isn’t that bad if it means I get to bang Liam Hemsworth… I was planning on becoming a nun and/or a cat-lady and avoiding men for the rest of my life, but I suppose I can make an exception for him…

HOW CAN I SAVE MYSELF? I need an intervention from this meltdown!!!

And before I know it, I’m watching Anne Hathaway and giggling hysterically.

I clearly don’t understand how to properly do a bruised heart.

During the past few weeks as I realized where we were headed, I listened frequently to these two songs:

In both cases, I could fancy that the lyrics had been written by Beaut & my own common sense admonishing me to accept that ours was not destined to be a happy outcome.

Today I listened to them again, regretfully. But such is the power of music, that I was comforted by the reminder that I am clearly not the first to live through this kind of disappointment, nor will I be the last. These songs are testament to good things coming out of what ought to be a sad scenario.

Can’t exactly see what good things will come out of my own situation, but I’ll stay open-minded. Afterall, Liam Hemsworth is on the line.


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