TGIF – Thank God it’s Friday. And what a Friday. Work was brutal this week – 7:30am meetings, and a barrage of deliverables and issues. Kinda loved it, kinda hated. Need a nap. Or 3 bottles of wine, because hydration is important, y’all.

Yesterday I lived through a real WTF moment. I have a few doozies in this blog, under Dating Misadventures, and while yesterday’s might not be the top one, it definitely podiumed in the Olympics of Awful-yet-Hysterically-Funny-if-it-Happens-to-Someone-Else Trainwrecks. Seriously. I haven’t finished sorting through my reactions, nor am I willing to write about it for the next foreseeable future, because it would breach the privacy of two other people. I swear I don’t understand how I end up in these ludicrous scenarios. I am a good part-time Christian girl, who is sweet, kind, loving and generous and occasionally mildly bitchy and snarky when things get really out of control. I am sure of this. I pay my taxes. I recycle. I donate to charity. I make my bed every day. I am not stupid, nor naive. I am good ppl. So whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do I find myself in these bizarre situations? I blame the male species. If sexual orientation were a choice, I would have switched teams long ago.

Anyhow, today I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. After just a few too many minor incidents that produced work-rage (par for the course in office life – excel files crashing, 2-3 ppl who didn’t take the time to read my carefully worded emails, somebody taking my stapler) I was thisclose to a very public meltdown. Until I accidentally stumbled onto this video by my favorite band.

I challenge y’all to watch that and not have a smile on your face.

TGFM – Thank God for Music.




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