Friday smiles

Because I am so happy.

Because it’s Friday.

Because yesterday’s post triggered the closure I’d been seeking for weeks, as I’d hoped it would. It’s time to laugh and move on to lighter, new things.

Funny moment 1

Yesterday I had an hour long convo with Coach where he teased me and congratulated me for finally being back – he’d missed non-bitchy Vanilla. He’d missed seeing me smile, easily, all the time. And my laughter. For months, I’d lost my sense of humour. Last night was the first time in 2016 he recognized old school happy Vanilla.

He was fairly gracious about it all. He only said “I told you so” 6 times. Once every 10 mins.

After leaving the gym, I saw this blog post by one of my blogging besties. Conclusion: she and I are twins living parallel lives, and her boss and my Coach should be best friends.

Funny moment 2

So this guy I know sent me a link to Lenny William’s song Cause I love you last night. Outta nowhere.

Y’all. I’ve got the giggles. I can’t decide if this is endearing, ridiculous, a throwback to teenage flirting techniques. It is silly and over-the-top. BAM! one hyperlink, no pre or post-texts. Maybe this was flirting. Maybe this was a mistake and really he meant to send me a cupcake recipe but he copy pasted the wrong thing and didn’t notice. Who knows? The mystery is unsolveable. And hilarious.

One thing is for sure, it’s a damn good song, and a great way to kick off a Friday morning.

I feel like dancing

Life is good, y’all. I’m free. I can’t wait to see what new chapter lies ahead.



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