Coffee is bae. We are currently fighting.

Like in any relationship, there are hiccups. Rough patches. Coffee and I are not speaking.

We’ve had issues before.

But today! Today, coffee was a real biatch.

On my way to work, walking and texting, I spilled all of my latte on my bright pink dress. I had to finish my commute looking like someone took a dump on my crotch.

At the office, I rushed to the washroom to unsoil myself. Cue half a morning looking like I had peed myself. At least that made anatomically more sense. Once my dress dried, I realized I now had water stains and washed out coffee stains. So I went on a hunt for Tide-to-go. Found some after basically showing the entire office my disgraceful state and set myself to work to clean myself up.

Its been two hours. The stains are still there. I sure hope coffee has not wrecked my dress. My beautiful, sexy, bright, professional pink dress.

Coffee hasn’t apologized yet. Coffee seems to feel I am ungrateful for all the times coffee has saved my unproductive, exhausted self from getting fired for napping at my desk. Pffffft. Coffee. REAL friends don’t keep tabs on each other, sheesh.






  1. I’m not sure if I should laugh with you or cry with you.
    But if it helps, I took a drink of my latte this morning and missed my mouth and have a brownish splotch on the shirt…

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