This is not at all the post I thought I was going to write

I thought I was going to write a light-hearted post about the trials and tribulations of having the first cold of the season – a rant about my decrepit health in old age. The betrayal of my body when I fed it a steady diet of butter, wine and one veggie over the weekend. Make a joke about how I am blowing my nose so often that I am getting an ab workout. Insert the meme about how “when I get a blocked nose, I fully sit and think about the times when my nose wasn’t blocked and how I took it for granted”. Maybe slide in a reference to Trump’s sniffles.

But then I googled “blocked nose meme”, and really, is there anything else that needs to be said?

Now I know. WebMD tried to tell me my symptoms were typical of nose cancer, but really, I just got raped by a ghost with a nose-fetish. What a relief!!!







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