When you are having a bad day…

You know the kind of bad day. The kind where the only thing you want to do is hide under the covers of your bed in your pyjamas, close your eyes and hope for it magically to be tomorrow. The kind where you go to the doctor’s for something that has been worrying you and you don’t get the answer of “yup, everything is good, see you never again“. The kind where you have a man cold, except you are woman so you have no choice but to suck it up and take dangerous levels of Tylenol Cold & Sinus. The kind where you are almost paralyzed by the amount of work you have to do. The kind where you just wanna call up your mommy and have her tell you its gonna be ok, except you can’t and it won’t.

So you decide to work from home, so you can at least wear non-matching socks and PJs, and have messy hair. But that isn’t enough to shake the overwhelming desire to cry, and ignore your work commitments. So your teddybears decide to step in and save the day.

Introducing Mimi and his brothers.

Working is a bit easier when I cuddle with Mimi, who has taken it upon himself to boss me around and ensure my productivity for the afternoon. #micromanager

P.S. Mimi wears that black shirt both for modesty purposes, to cover up his traces d’amour, and as mourning for my mother. True story, the day my mother died, after rushing to my parents’ home to be with my father, deal with the cops and the coroner, and advise family and friends of the news, I returned to my place to pack some stuff so that I could stay with my father for the week. Of course I brought Mimi. That was not a time for adulting. But as Mimi looked at me with his sad eyes, his little teddybody all pale and decrepit, it seemed appropriate to modify his appearance to suit the gravity of the situation. I wrapped him up in one of my black shirts. My father cried when he saw me with Mimi. Mimi opted to sleep with my father every night, for the first month following my mother’s death. Who says teddybears aren’t for grownups?



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