This is what accounting humour looks like (spoiler: WAY funnier than engineering humour!)

So I had my first call with our auditors this afternoon to prep for the audit happening in November. Of course, Auditor asked me if there were any known or alleged instances of fraud thus far (mandatory audit question). Of course, I answered ‘No’ because we are good people here. I say “of course” because that is what every client has ever said to me, back in my audit life, and that is what every auditor hopes to hear – bc otherwise, their life goes from bad to hellish. That is why this is funny not an exaggeration:

I can hear you all giggling. Really, I can. “That is funny stuff!” you say. Never fear, there is a lot more where that came from.

And for possibly the most accurate gif ever, for any accountant worldwide, regardless of role or company…

Best for last… Excel is bae.

Told y’all we were hi-la-ri-ous!!!





      1. I’m an engineer, by the way, so maybe I should be offended… πŸ˜› Just kidding, I’m not offended.


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