Mais je me considère Parisienne, du coup!

3rd time back in Paris within 4 months, 7th time ever.

The clerk at the hotel front desk offered me a complimentary map of Paris; I smugly thanked him, “Ce n’est pas nécessaire, merci. Je connais Paris très bien.”  (“That won’t be necessary, thank you. I’m very familiar with Paris.”). I barely made it into the elevator before doing my victory dance. #snobbybutTRUE #fittingrightin

Obligatory pic on the way to the office, for a jet-lagged afternoon of work:

I love it here. I do. Yes, it’s big, dirty and impersonal, but it feels so right. The rhythm is different, less frantic. I don’t listen to music, bc I love the sound of Paris; the cars are quieter (electric or diesel, the honks less jarring); heels clicking as people walk on the sidewalks (people walk!!); the constant chatter. The French language is so beautiful here – I’m always eavesdropping bc the simplest conversations are filled with humorous expressions and varied vocabulary. On the metro, rare is the person looking at their phone – everyone has their nose in a book. A physical book, not a Kindle. Every street has history, you never know what new beauty you’ll discover when you turn the corner.

One day I will make Paris my home.

“Ce n’est pas nécessaire, merci. Je connais Paris très bien.”



    1. Yeah, I’m definitely not complaining. This should be it for the next little while tho… too bad. I’m sure I’ll find a way to get roped onto a few more projects next year! 😉


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