I didn’t know vacations could make me so happy

It’s 3am on Monday morning. I’m sitting in the Dubai DXB airport, waiting to board the first of my 3 flights & 24 hour journey back to Montréal. I’m running on 14 hours sleep over the last 4 days – the dance festival kept me busy, too busy to sleep or write! 

It’s gonna take me several posts to catch up on all the stories, revelations and feelings that this Dubai trip generated. Right now, I’m bursting with gratitude. I didn’t expect this trip to be overflowing with love. Yet, everywhere, from random restaurants, to Bossman and IronSweetie or strangers at the dance festival that have secured spots as friends for life… everywhere I saw moments of love and opportunities for happiness.

6 months ago was the first time I considered my right to aim for happiness. This trip proves to me that happiness is no longer a wobbly concept. I like being happy. 

The goal of this trip was to avoid the imminent burnout, and recharge my batteries. Without doubt, objective achieved, and surpassed: I achieved joy this past week. 

I hope I sleep on the plane.



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