Onto the more important stuff

After months of posts about self-discovery, personal growth, travelling, happiness, dancing… time to knuckle down and address the big issues in my life.

I’m having a bad hair day.

NOT a my hair looks fine to everyone else I’m just freaking out on the inside bad hair day. NOT a this is a relaxed weekend “forgot to shower” look at the office oopsies bad hair day.


A Bad Hair Day.

Behold, a selfie:

I naively hoped my hair would fix itself during my commute, if I prayed hard enough and asked it kindly. It didn’t, divine intervention couldn’t save the sitch.

Fun fact: its too late to ask for a sick day once you are already at the office.

Kim gets me.





  1. I don’t know whether my like equates to: “I like it that your having a bad hair day” (which would make me a bad person…) or “I like that you’ve written something I can equate to,” or even “I’m laughing at the Trump picture.”


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