Dancefloor drama, part III: the meltdown to end all meltdowns

Apparently, this is turning into a series.

  • Dancefloor drama, part I: I walk off the dancefloor mid-song, whilst dancing with an international artist/instructor in Dubai.
  • Dancefloor drama, part II: where my dance partner has a freakout and makes the rookie mistake of mentioning my weight… like any female, I am slightly over-sensitive about my weight. Remember this?

So. We’ve established, at length, multiple times, that I am the Queen of Meltdowns, yes?

Hahaha, y’all have no idea.

I’m under a lot of pressure at work. Big deadlines of big high-profile projects coming up rightthismomentrightnowactuallyyesterdaywhyisntthisdonealready. I’ve been late on some of my deliverables, and overall, I’m not as advanced in MY big projects for the year as I’d like to be, because I have been so caught up in my deliverables for OTHER ppl’s projects. And yes, I’ve had a few meltdowns at work too. One of which was the reason I found myself in Dubai, under orders from the CFO to take a vacation to avoid an imminent burnout. Since then, I’ve been working very hard at getting shit done and learning to control my emotions. But… apparently, I’ve aways to go until I succeed at regulated emotions.

I left work early yesterday, so as to show up on time for my weekly private with Teacher. 5 minutes after arriving at the studio, I realized I’d forgotten my laptop at work. Which, given that I still had a solid 4-5 hours of work to perform in order to meet a hard deadline for this morning, was a bit of a problem. My plan of working at home at night? Ruined.

Teacher walked in 7 minutes later (yes, he shows up 15 minutes late for privates. He is an artiste, and artistes are not bound by earthly considerations such as schedules. He always makes up for it – he is very generous with his time – but one never knows exactly when that generous time will occur) to find me weeping in a soggy mess, sitting in the middle of the dance floor. Teacher typically can handle ANY situation, no matter how fucked up. Not this situation. Teacher reacted the same way as all men do when faced with a woman crying: panicked, frozen, unsure and uncomfortable.

I continued to cry for the remaining 40 minutes of the private. Even as we were dancing, tears were streaming down my face. How to create a pleasant atmosphere 101.

Once the private was finished, Teacher started class. Students were streaming into the studio. I stood around, undecided: should I skip class and make the 45 minute treck back to the office to pick up my laptop? Should I miss my deadline? OMG I have so much work left. OMG I am the worst employee ever. OMG I am tired and why do I have so much work and I can’t face ANOTHER late night and I worked 45 hours so far this week  and it is only Wednesday and this will never end even if I meet this deadline and…

Cue THE biggest meltdown.

Ground-shattering sobs. In the middle of the lobby. The assistant teacher came to see me, giving me hugs and trying to calm my breathing. He thought somebody had died. When he heard me wail, “I forgot my laaaaaaaaptoooooooooooooooop” he managed to not laugh, almost. Gently patted my back, as I continued to cry so hard I couldn’t get enough air.

Teacher materialized in front of me.

Vanilla, I dunno what is going on, I feel bad that your personal life is clearly shit, but you GOTTA get a grip. This is my school. My reputation! Students can see you. They are not gonna think you are crying because of a work problem, they are gonna think my school actually broke your heart. Please. This is not professional. We can talk later, but GO CRY SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Which enraged me because he wasn’t wrong.

I cried all the way back to the office.

I sniffled as I worked at my desk for 2.5 hours.

I went back to dance practice and danced with my favorite ppl. Assistant Teacher waited until I successfully danced with 3 guys before approaching me – I think he was scared I’d revert to my watering-pot alter ego.

And then I went home and worked till 3am. I met my deadline.

Who says accountants are boring and bland?



    1. 🙂
      I dunno. I don’t think he was, but he gets zero points for charm of manner. Which is maybe what was I needed bc it so offended me, I DID get a grip.

      Lets put it this way: if was walking into a corporate sky scraper for an interview, and I saw a woman weeping in the lobby with a recognizable figure from the company I was going to interview at – it would creep me out – i wouldnt assume that it was the COMPANY’S fault she was crying, but it would give an uncomfortable bad vibe. So I understand Teacher’s point.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think a lot would depend on the body language and what you might overhear the representative from the company saying.

        Listening, supporting etc… vs. looking at their watch / looking uncomfortable.

        For me witnessing team members caring for one another at times of emotional need would be a very encouraging endorsement that the company was a good one.

        From the quote the teacher comes across as rather wrapped up in himself and how other people think of him and his school. To put that ahead of being caring towards someone — one of his customers, folks maybe at other times he’s friendly and appreciative towards — it’s a double standard. The man’s a coward.

        Visible emotional injury and hurt is no less needful of the same care, love and support as physical.

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      2. Ok, you are not wrong either. He IS rather wrapped up in himself. That is a well-known fact. Its part of what charms & amazes (he totally owns that side to himself) and what infuriates.

        Coward? Dunno, he doesn’t strike me as such, but I understand how you get to that conclusion. He is a showman first and foremost. To be close to him is to accept that about him.

        At the end of the day, he does create an environment where we take care of each other – it’s just not gonna be him doing that caring. He has the school to run, shows to plan and perform. 🙂

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  1. Oh Lord. Good going pulling yourself together and meeting your deadline! That’s the kind of situation that would have me crawling under my duvet, hoping the world disappears. I am not great in a meltdown scenario…!


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