Creative Writing I

Taken from Concordia’s website: This course is designed for students who wish to explore the fundamentals of writing fiction. Students will be asked to complete short assignments that focus on various aspects of creative writing in order to further develop individual writing skills.

  • What’s in a name? Using the narrative voice, describe your name, how it makes you feel, what it means to you. 
  • In the head of a stranger. Using the 3rd person, describe a stranger’s appearance, actions and thoughts.
  • Through a boundary. Using the narrative voice, describe viewing something through a physical boundary, and the reaction it illicits within the narrator.
  • 2 objects 2 owners. Describe 2 objects and the emotional connection you have to them. However, one object is real (you actually own), the other you don’t. Must make the reader guess which is which.
  • 2 objects 2 owners: the big reveal
  • Becoming and object. Describe life as an inanimate object, using the narrative voice.