This is true love

I love cheese.

I’ve fallen in love with every water (and waitress) that has come by to offer to sprinkle cheese on my Italian meal. And by sprinkle, my meal is cheese with a side of Italian food ingredients.

Today. Valentine’s day. I hate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the reason I started blogging. I decided to ignore the whole concept. Didn’t bring chocolate to the office, dressed in black (and purple), just a normal day in the life of Vanilla.


My junior knocked on my cubi-office, and handed me a aluminum foil rectangle.

From one single girl, to another… Happy Valentine’s Day.


She got me a grilled cheese sandwich. If that is not true love, I don’t know what is.

I did say I have the best team ever? As if I needed further proof.



Stuffed lobster vs bacon: bacon wins! (Obvi!)

Ok, so fine. I love Alphonse Le Comptable. And fine, I am aware that I am slightly unusual in granting him such a huge presence in our very corporate, serious finance department. Most grownups do not invent complete personalities for stuffed animals, at least, not publicly. I think my coworkers found me cute at first, then odd when my infatuation didn’t end. Granted, it is odd. But what can I do? Alphonse makes me smile.


Yesterday morning I joined 3 of my coworkers for coffee, in our company cafeteria. However, when I met with them, they were each in the process of ordering themselves a huge breakfast platter: eggs and bacon and sausage and ham and hashbrowns and toast, oh my! So much food. I decided to stick to my coffee, so as to leave room for jellybeans later in the day (#savvydieting).

One of my coworkers kindly offered me a piece of his bacon. A GIFT OF BACON!!! That, my friends, is a sign of selfless generosity. Did I ever mention that I work in the best company in the world? No? Well, I do. Bacon brings everyone together.  The moment of truth

I texted Nene, a notable foodie, to tell him of this bacontastic work environment. “Nene, I have the best coworker ever! He gave me some of his bacon! Isn’t that the greatest thing you ever heard?” I expected Nene to make noises of jealousy and/or approval. Instead, he replied, “Vanilla, I’m worried for you at this point.” Confused, I asked why? “This whole lobster thing!”

I never thought I would have to specify that I am capable of differentiating between human and stuffed lobster.