Most frequently referenced

These are the posts I cycle back to most often because they contain key information or breakthroughs that I keep coming back to over and over again.

  • Vanillability = Vanilla + Vulnerability: Explaining the importance of vulnerability
  • Judd Apatow is my mentor: I realize my vocation is to explore comedy via writing, and that this is how I work through my pain.
  • Dream big: I explore how depression has robbed me of the ability to sustain dreams in my life.
  • Guest post #2: Accepting one’s limits: I reblogged my first time being featured as a guest blogger! I explore the ongoing struggle of balancing my ambitions for my career with the very real limits imposed by my ADD and depression.
  • Accepting limits, part 2: where I discuss my very conflicted emotions surrounding my decision to go back on medication for my ADD.
  • He said I had the tools: My first rough patch after stopping therapy. I go over my toolbox in this fight against depression.
  • Aiming for happiness: a breakthrough in managing the crippling insecurities that arise from being a perpetually single woman in her thirties.
  • Cerebral vs emotional: an afterword :I explain my newest coping mechanism to manage my overwhelming emotions without causing collateral damage.
  • I lied about my shadow: a routine doctor’s appointment gives me the vocabulary I need to describe my condition.